CB400F Cafe Racer
1975 Honda CB400F

460cc Big Bore with Yoshimura
race cam, springs and titanium valve     spring retainers.  Heavy duty cam         chain and primary chain.  new                  bearings and shift forks in                         transmission. 

Modified frame relocating the rear         suspension, rear hoop with battery/        electronics mounting.  removable    rearset mounts. Tarozzi rear-sets, Aluminum headlight ears

Stock tank, stripped to bare metal, handformed aluminum seat with hammered texture. Upholstery provided by customer.

Oregon motorcycle parts rectifier and regulator.  New harness with all new connectors 

CL450 Front drum brake, vented and laced to a 2.75 x 17" rims with buchanans S.S spokes.  Vented stock hub in the rear with same rim as front. Avon Road Rider tires. 





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