Cafe Cycles was founded by Peter Chase, a skilled bike builder, metal worker, and artisan in the beginning of 2008. A racing enthusiast from a young age, Peter combined the experience gained from his previous internships and education to build a company dedicated to upholding the highest standards of custom bikes and expert craftsmanship.
   Before founding Cafe Cycles, Peter was building off road racers in California, restoring antique motorcycles, and creating show winning interiors at a custom upholstery shop. Through high school classes and internships, Peter was trained to do general motorcycle repairs as well as antique auto repair, restoring british sport cars, welding, and fine tuned engine building.
   In College he studied mechanical engineering, and was also trained to design using programs such as AutoCAD and Solid Works. Through various other jobs Peter had throughout and after college he became experienced in custom home building, general metal fabrication (wrought Iron Railings, fences, marine t-tops, etc.), heavy equipment welding (custom built cranes, oil tanks, fishing vessel equipment etc.), and finally building off-road race cars, land speed cars and insane rock crawlers for a company in California where he became specially skilled in aluminum sheetmetal fabrication.
   Peter’s combined education, internships, and experiences have been brought together in Cafe Cycles, a company that specializes in building cafe bikes and restoring antique motorcycles. Cafe Cycles will spoke the wheels, rebuild the engine, do the frame work, build the wire harness and hand form the seat and tank out of aluminum. They will also powder coat, polish and fine tune the bike.
   Peter is always looking for the customer who will challenge him to build a bike to the highest level of his ability

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